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East Coast Houseboats LLC. is proud to partner with Modular Concepts East Inc. as the principle constructor of their Riverlodge residential house boats and floating homes.

Built using a system-built approach, the boats are delivered for final commissioning and launched at virtually any location.

The Riverlodge series of House Boats combines the best design and construction methods from the housing and boating industries to create a lifestyle unmatched in either industry. The designers of the Riverlodge have been boating for 40 years and in that time have owned numerous sizes and styles of boats. Statistics show that the average boat is only used about 12 times a year! This fact means a boat spends most of its time at the dock. Whether you use your boat more or less than that is not important. If you’re like us, you enjoy boating because it’s a connection with the water and that’s the real reason people boat.

The Riverlodge project was born out of a desire to replace our large cruiser. It had to meet the requirements that were necessary to register it as a boat, it needed to be able to fit in a conventional marina slip, it had to be a cost effective solution allowing a boater looking for the next step in the lifestyle to accomplish that task and most of all it had to allow us to enjoy all the reasons we first came to love the water.

The Riverlodge comes from our love of being on the water, it doesn’t matter where you boat! It’s about the current that passes under the boat, the view that it affords us of other boats passing by waving, the gentle rolling from their wakes, the breeze as it enters the open hatch. Taking that experience and combining it with some of the features of our onshore life seemed to be the best of both worlds. A queen-sized walk around bed, adequate closet and storage space, conventional appliances, larger shower and bath spaces.

Make no mistake about it these are boats, they are designed to be equipped with motor packages, helm stations, navigation lights, holding tanks. In addition, these boats can be equipped to allow for off-the-grid existence with solar or wind generators. They are built to the ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council) specifications and designed to be financed and insured as boats and registered in the state of delivery or use.

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