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Houseboat Financing Explained

Houseboat Financing Financing a houseboat is no different than any other kind of boat. Whether you plan on just using it for recreation or you plan on using it as a liveaboard, it is a relatively simple process. At East Coast Houseboats we have several options...

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Houseboat Insurance Explained

Finding the Best Value in Houseboat Insurance Houseboats Are Not Floating Homes, they are Boats. Under the law, watercraft have specific laws that apply to them. Those laws impose strict legal responsibilities on their owners. Your Houseboat insurance needs to cover...

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The Hostel Boat

Hostel Boat While houseboats come in all shapes and sizes, what is unique about East Coast Houseboats is our ability to design and build them to meet any need and deliver them almost anywhere. Our latest model is called the Hostel Boat. The boat is designed to provide...

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Is The Riverlodge 40 The Ultimate Houseboat?

The Riverlodge 40 We’re proud to introduce the Riverlodge 40 C. It’s a classic design built to be the perfect, liveaboard, vacation rental or weekend cottage. At 40’ Length Overall and a beam just shy of 14’ she fits in virtually any marina slip. Wired to work with...

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The Ultimate Party Boat

At East Coast Houseboats, we don’t have just one or two designs. Truth is we are a custom boat builder and while building houseboats is our passion, we’re capable of so much more. We were recently contacted by a boat rental business. They were looking for a boat that...

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Houseboats and the Erie Canal

Houseboats and the Erie Canal The idea of creating houseboat communities along the Erie Canal has been of great interest to us at East Coast Houseboats. When the Re-imagine the Canals, competition was first announced it got us thinking about how the Canal might...

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Houseboat Design at East Coast Houseboats

At East Coast Houseboats its all about customization. We treat each customer and their boat as individuals. We start the process by learning about the client’s expectations, what they hope to use the boat for. Are they planning on having overnight guests? Are they...

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Tiny Houses on Water?

I think that my interest in tiny houses came first from my enjoyment of boating. Unless you can afford a very large yacht living on your boat is very much like living in a Tiny Home. The more time I spent researching the Tiny Home Lifestyle and looking at Tiny Homes...

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Sales Tax on a Riverlodge Houseboat

Can Boaters Avoid Paying Sales Tax? Boaters who’ve heard about no-sales tax states such as Delaware or Oregon wonder if they could eliminate sales tax on a boat purchase if they simply buy a boat there. The answer is yes, but only if they use their boat in those...

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Where Can I Dock My Houseboat?

Where can I dock a Riverlodge Houseboat? It’s a great question and you might be surprised at how many options there are to dock a Riverlodge Houseboat. Of course, there are all the conventional locations that come to mind, starting with Marina’s. If you are...

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