East Coast Houseboat Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Riverlodge Qualify for conventional boat financing?

Yes, it does! The Riverlodge is a boat and therefore meets all the requirements for conventional boat financing. Our team will work closely to assist you with the process and works closely with several lending institutions.

What is the process for purchasing a Riverlodge?

Typical construction lead time averages 3-4 months from receipt of a signed contract and deposit. Additional payments during the construction process will be required with the final payment due at the time of commissioning.

Where can I see a Riverlodge in person?

We are currently constructing a model to be moored in Seneca Falls NY. Available by appt. to tour and spend some time on experiencing. Plans are currently being completed for placing additional models throughout the east coast.

Do you offer Developer Pricing?

We are certainly interested in speaking with you regarding any multi-unit projects. Our construction and development teams are ready to assist you with all aspects of developing your project. Our team has decades of experience in the requirements of both on-shore and the in-water aspects of your proposed project.

Where can I dock my Riverlodge?

Since your Riverlodge is designed and built to be registered as a boat it can be docked virtually anywhere a boat is welcome. Our designs fit in almost any marina. If you own or have access to waterfront property our Riverlodge’s can sit in almost any type of body of water. Whether a river, lake, pond or bay, the mooring system for a Riverlodge can be connected to any shoreline. Since the Riverlodge is a registered boat and therefore it’s personal property, it could be used as an ADU, (auxiliary dwelling unit) guest house, vacation rental or virtually any other type of housing unit you could imagine.

Where We Build

While we can ship a Riverlodge Virtually anywhere in the country, we are focused on suppling Riverlodge’s throughout the Eastern Portion of the United States.  Available anywhere in the following states Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, PA, NY, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Our pricing includes the cost of delivery and commissioning your boat. Watch as we add a directory of marinas in these states who are great choices to moor a Riverlodge Custom Houseboat!  Do you have a backyard pond? Waterfront property that cannot support conventional construction. Places that are flood plains, opportunities for waterfront campgrounds looking to expand their opportunities. Riverlodge’s can be set up on shore, there are several methods available to the owner regarding tie-downs that would allow the Riverlodge to float in the case of flooding or storm surge.

What about customizing an East Coast Houseboat?

We are first and foremost custom builders, If you can dream it we can engineer and build it. Commercial spaces, restaurants, offices, hair salons, etc. We can group Riverlodge’s together to form a hotel or resort. 

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