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The concept behind the design and construction of the Riverlodge series of boats comes from the best of both the boating and residential construction industries.

Beginning with the design and construction of the hulls, the team at East Coast Houseboats LLC. has conducted extensive research on all the available construction methods and designs to offer owners of a Riverlodge a variety of options.

Every boat at East Coast Houseboats is custom designed and built, and while we have a number of designs which have been previously created, they are only provided as inspirations of what we have or could build.

Our design process starts with a conversation that always begins with what are your expectations? What do you want a boat for?  Are you planning to liveaboard? Weekend Cottage? Do you want a floating guest house, short term vacation rental property?  How about a floating man-cave? a floating lounge for your on-the-water business.  There are virtually no limits to what we can design and build

Our boats can be built in lengths from 22’ to 53’ using our standard fiberglass pontoons, we can build on a catamaran or trimaran platform or even a steel or poly barge hull.  Choose a beam (width) from 12’ to 15’9”

The design process moves from length and width to floor plans and elevations.  East Coast Houseboats employs an in-house design staff that works with each client on their boat.  We have developed a number of floor plans to use as examples to start the process.  Whether you want a one bedroom, two-bedroom, large gourmet kitchen with solid surface countertops, a home office, walk in tiled shower, or virtually any other option or detail let us work to make your dreams become reality.

No matter the floor plan or elevation all our boats are designed and built to provide a comfortable environment in any climate at any time of year. Whether Boston in January or Key Largo in July, rest assured your comfort is our number one goal.   We can provide those guarantees by first insulating our boats with closed cell foam.  Not by just providing r-5 or r-7 values but by providing a minimum of R-28 in the floors and ceilings and R-21 in the walls.  Closed cell insulation is not only important for its R-value, but closed cell allows for no moisture absorption.  In addition, closed cell spray foam adds tremendous structural integrity to the build as well as adding a noise canceling quality to the interior.

What good would a high R-valued wall system be without a high-quality window and door.  We use residential windows and doors available in more than 40 colors and hundreds of possible size and style combinations.

Our siding options also run the gamut, all picked for the low maintenance and long lifespan, high quality powder coated aluminum rail systems, all tried and tested to perform well in the marine environment.

The design options do not stop once you walk inside.  You will be walking on your choice of dozens of choices of 100% waterproof vinyl floor.  The interiors are available in almost any color imaginable.  Optional wall coverings can be added to provide accent walls.  All our kitchen cabinets are built in the US, with a virtually endless choice of door styles and colors.  Solid surface countertops are available as an option. Interior trim and door styles are designed and installed to your liking.  

While we design and build our boats to work within virtually any marina environment, we can also provide you with an off-the-grid option, with solar panels, or a wind generator, a MSD (marine sanitation device) to process waste or an incinerating toilet. 

Whether your looking for a floating hotel suite for an on the water lodging business, or the perfect liveaboard you have come to the right builder

The Suitewater shown here is available in a 22’ LOA with a 12’ beam.  Looking for a little extra room upsize it to the 26’ LOA with a 14’ beam

The Hostel boat is designed as a 30’er with a 12’ beam. If you’re looking for simple accommodations check out the Hostel boat.

The “Urban Lodge” designed as a 32’er.  This boat is a great vacation rental boat, or weekend getaway.

It’s important to remember that we build the boats in 1’ increments, so if you want a 42’er  46’er or a 53’er we’re here to work with you through the process.

As we get into bigger boats it is important to remember that every boat is designed and built to each client’s individual specifications. 

The Riverloft is available in a number of options, whether you opt for the arched roof or complete flat roofs with dual roof decks, again it is built to your specifications.  Shown above with optional Hot Tub.

The Townhouse 50’ 2-story, with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, built either on a triple pontoon or a steel or poly barge.

We also have Commercial Boat options availble!

We Are Custom Boat Builders, First and Foremost!

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