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The concept behind the design and construction of the Riverlodge series of boats comes from the best of both the boating and residential construction industries.

Beginning with the design and construction of the hulls, the team at East Coast Houseboats LLC. has conducted extensive research on all the available construction methods and designs to offer owners of a Riverlodge a variety of options.

All Riverlodge’s float on a catamaran style hull. Two equally sized pontoons designed to support and distribute the weight of the cabin and deck structures.

There are three choices of hull system that are available to Riverlodge owners.  There are advantages and cost considerations of each of the three hulls. Your Riverlodge Houseboat can be built on Roto-Molded foam filled pontoons, Aluminum Pontoons or a fiberglass twin hull option. 

Our cabin structures are built in a climate-controlled facility, your boat is never exposed to the elements until she is being prepared for launch.

Once you choose your hull material, you have an option of choosing the beam (width) of the boat.  Our options are designed around the ability to ship our boats. Also, the design of the boat needs to take in the destination Where do you want to moor the boat. Does your marina have the ability to accommodate a 12’, 14’ or even a 16’ wide beam? We can design to accommodate any situation.

The classic Riverlodge standard design has a beam of 13’8”. The length of the boat is 40’. The cabin is full beam and is 30’ long. This allows for a front cockpit area that is approximately 6’ long by 13’8” wide. It has a rear deck that is approx. 4’ long by full beam. Both decks allow for comfortable access to the boat. It also provides a location for the compressor for the optional mini-split HVAC system, as well as a storage locker which holds the propane tank supplying the kitchen range, water heater and optional outside BBQ grill. The Classic Riverlodge also includes a 14’ x 16’ second story deck. Use your imagination as the roof top deck could include anything from a bar, hot tub, canvas or awning system, fire pit or just pop a couple of comfortable lounge chairs to enjoy the sunshine!

The floor, walls and roof system incorporate a closed cell foam insulation system which not only allows for high R-value insulation ensuring the possibility of year-round comfort but also provides a quiet environment. We use closed cell foam in all our boats due to its ability to resist any mold growth and provide increased structural integrity to the vessel. The windows and doors are all high-quality residential type. We offer choices in both color and sizes. These products are designed to be used in all climates. All the wiring and piping systems are accomplished using materials and methods consistent with ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council) standards. Our boats are inspected by an accredited Surveyor (boating’s answer to a home inspector) while under construction. We engage a marine accredited surveyor at the point of commissioning to provide a survey to you the purchaser prior to accepting the boat. Every effort during the construction process is taken to ensure a long maintenance free life cycle.

Every material choice has been chosen for its long-life expectancy and minimal maintenance over the life cycle of the product. Metal roofing, concrete board siding, composite decking, stainless steel railings and fittings, energy efficient appliances. Flooring chosen for its water resistance characteristics, and best of all you can choose all the colors and finishes, it’s your boat!

Custom Audio and visual equipment available per your specifications. All our lighting fixtures are energy efficient led units.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we treat each boat and each customer individually, we invest the time necessary to work through the design phase of the project. During the construction process we welcome your visit to the build site, or we can send you progress reports and pictures along the way.

We Are Custom Boat Builders, First and Foremost!

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