East Coast Houseboats is proud to partner with Ramshorn Hospitality LLC. in the construction of the first houseboat resort of its kind anywhere north of the Florida Keys.

The project will consist of 18 houseboats all built to provide a very unique experience for the resort’s guests.

One of the reasons ECHB was chosen for the project was our ability to provide a boat that will allow the resort to remain open year-round in Upstate NY. The other reason was the ability of ECHB’s to build the boats to the developers’ specifications with the desire to create an upscale product for their guests.
Each boat’s infrastructure is designed to work specifically with the systems that are being installed upland as well as the on the water conditions the boats will be exposed to.

East Coast Houseboats also had the ability to match the exteriors featured on the upland construction allowing for the on-the-water construction to compliment the upland construction

The overall length and beams of the boat are being designed to maximize the use of shoreline and new dock design. Each boat will be moored to take advantage of the views available from the marina.

The local community has weighed in on the project with overwhelming support and approval.

Boats will begin to be delivered to the resort during 2024.