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Apr 2, 2019News

In a unique partnership, East Coast Houseboats has partnered with Modular Concepts East on the construction of its line of Riverlodge products.  Together we are creating the most unique floating structures available on the water

Modular Concepts East brings their experience using a systems-built approach to the construction process.  Simply put, Systems Built Construction is the method of building various sections of the boat in a controlled environment and shipping these items to the location of final completion and commissioning of the boat. You see these methods of construction throughout the residential construction market including everything from foundations to finished homes.  This method of construction allows for a more cost-effective solution to boat building.  Our Coast Guard approved hulls are shipped from our manufacturing facility to be matched with our cabins which are built in our factories within our service area. This process allows for the boats to spend less time on the road which provides a more cost-effective solution for our clients.

This partnership has created an exciting opportunity for our clients to experience life on the water.  Whether it’s a Riverlodge 40 houseboat, a floating coffee shop, floating hair salon, or almost anything else you could imagine the options are virtually endless

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