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Apr 1, 2019News

East Coast Houseboats is proud to announce the addition of the Riverlodge Vacation Club.  Houseboat sharing is very popular on the west coast but only now is it available here in the East.   This program gives you the opportunity to have a vacation home in a great location for a fraction of the price.  At East Coast Houseboats the mission is providing opportunities for our customers to get on the water and this program is just another great way to achieve that goal. 

Each Riverlodge 40 contains a maximum of 5 shares.  A full share can include as many as 8 weeks on the boat depending on the location.  Each boat is its own LLC.  This is not a traditional time share; you are a partner in the ownership of the boat. 

Open weeks are available for rent with first opportunities going to owners.  Rental income generated is returned to the ownership group to offset maintenance costs and other expenses.  Once a year a meeting is held via video conference to discuss the needs of the boat, upcoming costs associated with insurance, maintenance, marina costs etc. 

You might be asking what if I find this program is not for me?  Yes, you can sell your share, the only caveat is that you must sell through the management team, and the new owners must be approved by the existing ownership group.

The next boat is going to the Florida Keys, get your deposit in early to have input into the color palette, help choose the Boat’s name and get your first choice of weeks.  Visit this site often as we offer up opportunities in other great destinations.  Locations such as the Hamptons in NY and both the west and east coast of Florida.  Do you have a destination in mind?  East Coast Houseboats will work with you to put together an ownership group.  As the group of owners continues to grow the opportunity to visit other locations and different boats increases.  Owners can trade weeks amongst themselves.  This is truly a unique opportunity.

A share in a Riverlodge 40 starts at 35K depending on the location with no additional fees for the first year of use.

Contact us to learn more about how you could become a member of the Riverlodge Vacation Club.

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