I think that my interest in tiny houses came first from my enjoyment of boating. Unless you can afford a very large yacht living on your boat is very much like living in a Tiny Home. The more time I spent researching the Tiny Home Lifestyle and looking at Tiny Homes the more I realized that what I really wanted  was a Tiny House on Water. From that realization the idea of the Riverlodge Houseboat and East Coast Houseboats was born. While this boat might be a little bigger than Tiny, the inspiration behind not only the design but the construction is very similar. Other than the fact that we have substituted a pair of fiberglass hulls for the trailer, what’s the real difference. We hope that we’re beginning a bit of a movement here at East Coast Houseboats with our goal of getting more people out on the water.
So, think about substituting that trailer for a hull, whether you choose, aluminum pontoons, foam filled barrels or like us a pair of fiberglass catamaran hulls start thinking about giving up the wheels and begin thinking about living tiny on the water. Check out Tiny House Forum and join the discussion regarding tiny homes and maybe give some thought to placing that tiny home on the water.