We started East Coast Houseboats to enhance how we spent our time on the water.  Houseboats were the answer we chose.   Once that question was answered, the next one was where to place the boats.  For us personally it was a river front location on property that we lease. It’s in a flood plain and conventional construction wasn’t an option,  we had some infrastructure, a dock, electric and an on-site septic.  It’s a great location,  often boats pass our location who are traveling the great loop, that’s where we chose to locate a Houseboat.

Where’s your perfect location,  maybe it’s an inner-city marina, where you’re in walking distance to great restaurants or theaters?   Or a marina in a resort community that provides the perfect weekend retreat or vacation rental property   Well those are great options and with thousands of miles of coastline on the east coast of the US it shouldn’t be  hard to find your perfect location, but that’s just one option.

There are  thousands of lakes and ponds scattered around every state and virtually all of them offer the potential to provide a unique waterfront living experience and at East Coast Houseboats we strive to build boats that can duplicate our own on the water experience.

While an existing Marina might be an easy choice, if you consider options that a lake or pond front property might offer, you might find a totally unique experience.  So, what’s it going to take to locate a houseboat on a lake or pond,  we do need access to the water,  it doesn’t have to be much, but we have to get close enough to launch the boat, second you need some sort of infrastructure and that’s  highly optional, depending on your own personal needs and what might be available on the property.  For instance, is electric available on the property?  How are you going to deal with wastewater, or fresh water for that matter?  While these all may seem daunting it doesn’t have to be and at East Coast Houseboats, we not only have experience building boats but have the experience on creating the necessary infrastructure whether it be utilities,  docks, decks, or outbuildings.  Our boats can be built to operate completely off the grid,  Solar electric, wind generators,  marine sanitation devices that act as a self-contained septic system,  incinerating toilets all can add to a completely off the grid experience.

So, if you’re considering a waterfront property, consider locating a houseboat along the shoreline.  You have a lot of options when looking at property that maybe you hadn’t considered.  For instance, waterfront property that maybe can’t be built on due to zoning requirements, or maybe that property is in a flood plain and conventional construction isn’t an option?  At East Coast Houseboats we can evaluate a potential location for you, analyze what it might take to deliver and moor a houseboat on your property.  Contact Us us today for more information on unique locations for your houseboat